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August 28th, Pringle Creek Foodland & Aspiria Lynde Creek Manor, Mixed Triples

TROPHY WINNERS:  Jim Caldwell, Anne Dranitsaris, Blake Taylor

2ND 3 GAME HIGH WINNERS:  Rowland Mackie, Suzie Palmer, George Boersma

2 GAME HIGH WINNERS:  Albert Wu, Hazel Joffe, Ron Geniole

1 GAME HIGH AGGREGATES:  Rod Cipperone, Connie O'Donnell, Gary Ros

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August 13th, Ortencio, Mixed Triples


July 23rd, W C Town Funeral Home, Mixed Triples


July 11th, Royal Bank Canada, Mixed Triples 

TROPHY WINNERS:  Drawmaster - Beth Paddick, Earle Friedman, Nicky Chamois, Unky Zangwill

2ND HIGH 3 GAME WINNERS:  Peter Robb, Beth Paddick, Rod Cipparone

1ST 2 GAME HIGH WINNERS:  Albert Wu, Stanley Ho, Helena Ho

2ND 2 GAME HIGH WINNERS:  Judy Steinke, Rick Bernard, Pat Robarts

1 GAME HIGH AGGREGATES:  Winston Dixon,    Not pictured - Mike Elvin & Sarah Collins

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June 22nd, Durham Corporate Centre, Mixed Triples 

TROPHY WINNERSDrawmaster - Henry Cameron, Jacko Chan, Lan Tran, Ricky Lau

2ND 2 GAME WINNERS:  Gerry Dosti, Mona Davidson, Dennis Davidson

3RD GAME HIGH WINNERS:  Albert Wu, Hazel Joffe

1 GAME HIGH AGGREGATES:  Fred Thompson, Nicky Chamois, Doug Marshall

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June 18th, Mount Lawn Funeral Home & Cemetery by Arbor Memorial, Mixed Triples

TROPHY WINNERS:   Gerry Dosti, Mona Davidson & Dennis Davidson

2 GAME HIGH WINNERS:  Rod Cipparone, Joan Wiseman, Colin Pope

1 GAME HIGH WINNERS;  Frank Mayall, Diane Foley, Gary Ros

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June 12th, Johnson Insurance Inc., Mixed Triples

TROPHY WINNERS:  Mark Bernstein, Hazel Joffe & Earl Friedman

2 GAME HIGH WINNERS:  Joyce McLindon, John McLindon & Cara Booth

1 GAME HIGH AGGREGATES:  George Boermsa, Suzie Parker & Roland Mackie

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June 5th, Winexpert, Mixed Triples

TROPHY WINNERS:  Ron Shaw, Jackie Dunkerley & Allan Hunter

2nd GAME WINNERS:  Joyce McLindon, John McLindon & Cara Booth

2 GAME HIGH WINNERS:  Roland Mackie, George Boermsa & Suzie Palmer

1 GAME HIGH AGGREGATES:  Lorne Schiele, Daphne Jansz & Keith Parker

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